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cartoon drawing of blogger and breast cancer survivor, Brenda Denzler
Cancer Treatments — and Its Long-term Effects — Are Like a Bar Fight

May 29th 2023

cartoon drawing of blogger and NHL survivor, John Smelcer
My Reluctance to Use Marijuana During Cancer Treatment

May 27th 2023

cartoon drawing of blogger and metastatic breast cancer survivor, Martha Carlson
Prioritizing Mental Health With Metastatic Breast Cancer

May 26th 2023

cartoon drawing of blogger and MDS survivor, Jane Biehl
Life With Cancer: Am I Sick, Lazy or Just Plain Tired?

May 25th 2023


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From left: Kirstin Hettinger, B.S.N., RN, OCN, and Amy Noe, B.S.N., RN  Photos by Benhur Ayettey
The Oncology Nurse Who Radiates Positivity

May 29th 2023

From left: Megha Shah, B.S.N., RN, OCN, and Lynda Rice  Photos by Arielle Gallione
Finding Peace Amid the Fear of Cancer

May 28th 2023

 From left: Marcus Yoakam, B.S.N., RN, ONS with his arm around Kristen Mitchell, A.D.N.. Both are standing in a hospital hallway, smiling at the camera. |  Photo provided by Marcus Yoakam, B.S.N., RN, ONS
My Magnificent 'Mom' at the Cancer Center

May 27th 2023

From left: Missy Bean-Tanner, RN, (a black nurse practitioner in a white labcoat) and Pamela Fields (a caucasian woman). Both are sitting on stairs outside, smiling at the camera. |  Photo by Sean Gasser
Making Magic Happen in Cancer Care

May 25th 2023

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Shannon Miller smiling at a podium while delivering the keynote address at the 2023 Extraordinary Healer event | Image credit: © ATA-GIRL PHOTOGRAPHY
Jennifer Broxterman smiling and making a muscle, showing off her abdominal scar after cancer surgery
Teri Greige with medals
Rabbi G teaches a breathing exercise to manage cancer-related pain
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Marshall Morris, the founder of Dying Defiantly
The Chong family. From left to right: Eugenia, Florence, Truman, Rich.

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IV drip in front of hospital hallway
At 23, Cancer Never Crossed My Mind — Until My Diagnosis

May 12th 2023

human shadow reflection  | Image credit: © sirins - © stock.adobe.com
Reflection on Life 10 Years After Stem Cell Transplant

May 11th 2023

Wig set | Image credit: ©  cosma - ©  stock.adobe.com
A Tearful Farewell and Armored Welcome: My Cancer Story

May 8th 2023

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Coping With Radiation Side Effects Taught Me Patience and Gratitude

May 4th 2023